F.A.Q. - Operational Leasing

  • Financial Leasing is a way of acquiring the vehicle - the value of the vehicle, along with interest and unpredictable monthly maintenance, seasonal tires, insurance, etc. At the end of the contract, the client becomes the owner of the vehicle.
  • Operational Leasing is a long-term rental of the vehicle. The client pays a fixed installment which only includes the use of the vehicle. At the end of the contract, the client returns the vehicle and may lease a new car.
  • You pay a monthly installment which is fixed and which includes the costs of use, along with related services. In this way, you may predict and control the cash flow
  • No advance payments, you do not mobilize financial resources into the automobile fleet
  • You do not buy the vehicle, instead you pay for usage. Additionally, you do not register the vehicle as an asset
  • At the end of the contract, you return the vehicle and do not face the risk of residual value
  • All necessary servicing is handled by AMS Group, without risk of price hikes, taxes, fees, insurances, maintenance, repairs, and so on
  • You can enjoy permanent mobility
  • You save time and financial resources

According to the laws in place, the contractual period is between 12 and 57 months.

Yes. Preferably, the vehicle should be new but it is possible to lease 2nd hand vehicles.
The 2nd hand vehicles can only be acquired from an authorized importer, or an authorized dealer in Romania.

Yes. The costs are then recalculated based on duration and mileage.
However, legally, the duration can only be between 12 and 57 months, and the mileage cannot surpass 200.000km for automobiles and 300.000km for utility vehicles.

After signing the contract, the car may be delivered as soon as it is available at a dealer. This time can vary from two weeks, to a few months, depending on brand, model and trim.

Mileage is not limited by law. However, over 50.000km/year raise maintenance and repair costs significantly. For that reason, we limit the mileage to 200.000km/contract for automobiles and 300.000km for utility vehicles.

Any brand and model may be leased as long as it is sold by an authorized importer or dealer based in Romania.

Yes, but we must find a way to guarantee the contract.

Yes, you may lease any vehicle up to 3.5t.

No. According to law, the client cannot acquire the vehicle at the end of the contract.

It is normal for initial estimates to vary, and it happens in over 90% of the cases. For that reason, we verify the mileage yearly, together with the user, and we agree upon the parameters of the vehicle's usage.