F.A.Q. - Car Rentals

We offer 24/7 support anywhere in Romania. Please call the number provided in the rental contract.

We charge you in blocks of 24 hours, but there is a grace period of up to one hour, in case of delays. Should that hour pass, you will be charged for one more day.

In order to rent a car you must have a category B driving license which is valid for at least 1 year.

You will need your driving license, an ID, and a credit card (Visa or Mastercard).

Yes, the limit varies depending on the selected offer. Additional mileage and charges are displayed in the respective offer.

The rented vehicle may be driven by the contract holder without additional charges, and extra charges for each additional driver, up to a maximum of two additional drivers, are mentioned within the offer. Please make sure to mention any additional drivers upon delivery.

Yes. Should you wish to extend the duration for your contract, please contact our representatives at least 24h before the expiry date of the current contract. However, depending on ongoing bookings, there is no guarantee that your booking can be extended.

Please contact us immediately using the number provided in your rental contract.

In case of accident : in case of accident, you must visit the police station and acquire the police report, along with copies of the ID's for anyone involved in the accident. The documents are usually the 'RCA', vehicle's ownership card, and the vehicle's registration certificate.

Amiable agreements are not accepted.

All vehicles are delivered with a full tank and must be returned as such. If the vehicle is not returned with a full tank, you will be charged for the difference.

-CDW = Collision Damage Waiver, SCDW = Special Collision Damage Waiver , SSCDW = Super Special Collision Damage Waiver and TP =Theft Protection are insurances plan that reduces or eliminates the Beneficiary's responsibility in case damage:

-CDW And TP is a franchise that reduces the financial responsibility of the beneficiary to a maximum amount, called deposit, guarantee or franchise 400 EURO classes Economy, Small; 500 EURO classes Compact, Full Size, SUV-Economy; 600 EURO classes sedan, Van, Minibus, VAN; EURO 1100 Full Size SUV classes, Van Full size, and 900 for SUV.

In case of accident / damage / theft / vandalism the CDW or TP amount is deducted from the deposit / guarantee, regardless of fault

-SCDW is an additional insurance that reduces deposit / guarantee and default value of 300EURO for classes F1 and G1 and 150euro for the remaining classes. The beneficiary has the option before delivery SCDW paying an additional fee per day, depending on the vehicle model chosen

In case of accident / damage / theft / vandalism consideration franchise SCDW is deducted from the deposit / guarantee, regardless of fault

-SSCDW - Is an extra insurance that eliminates the deductible in case of accident or theft; deposit / guarantee being kept at SCDW values ??for cases in which the vehicle is returned with an empty tank, fines, lost documents or other expenses not included in the rental service.

No, towing other vehicles with the rented car is not permitted.

The rented vehicle will be delivered to an address of your choice, or you can pick it up directly at the AMS Group headquarters.

Yes, without additional charges if this happens in the same city.

No, modfiying the car seats is not permitted.

No, leaving the country with the rental vehicle is prohibited.

No, driving off public roads in a breach of our terms of rental and is also an exclusion from CASCO insurance.

a) Online, select a vehicle, fill in the required data and the booking is submitted to AMS Group.

b) Email us at office@amsgroup.ro and mention the duration, pick-up city, preferred vehicle model, and a phone number.

You can chose several extra options:

a) Children's seat: 5 EURO/day

b) GPS navigation system: 5 EURO/day

c) Pick-up / drop-off outside of office hours: 15 EUR

c )Return in another city than the one of the delivery (relocation fee): - Maximum 300E, according to the city and town the  return delivery cost is calculated as follows: No km multiplied by 0,4E / km

d) SCDW or SSCDW additional insurance

Also, there may be unpleasant cases of loss documents, keys or damages not covered by insurance. Listed below are some of them, please see full details in terms and conditions and exclusions of the contract insurance CASCO

a) Lost key: max 200Euro

b )Lost car documents: maximum 100 EURO / document

c) Loss / damage of the registration plates: maximum 70EURO

d) Excessive dirt in the car or stained upholstery: maximum 70EURO

e) Damage or other situations where the vehicle was not returned in the same condition - depending on the cost of bringing everything to its original state

f) Fines

g) Bridge tolls

h) Costs not covered by CASCO

Yes, there is a deposit for every rental. It may not be paid with cash. The deposit is reserved through your credit card and unlocked upon return.

The deposit may only be locked in on a Visa or Mastercard credit card, and cannot be paid in cash or debit.

You may find details regarding deposits in our Terms and Conditions section.

Standard fare includes CDW and TP insurance and in case of damage or theft can hold a maximum amount of franchise worth CDW.

There are 2 additional insurance, SCDW or SSCDW, which reduce deposit to 150/300Euro depending on the class but you can not eliminate it.

Normal working hours are Monday to Friday from 9 to 18 but you can contact us for reservations, deliveries, returns, breakdowns everyday 24/24. For delivery / return outside of working hours a fee of € 15 including VAT.