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J. Johnson

Positive attitude

What Our Clients Say

We take pride in the positive reviews left by our clients, both for our car rental and for our operational leasing services. Here are some of them:

George BGeorge B
14:24 13 Dec 23
Prompti cu mașina la schimb, livrata și apoi recuperata de la locația solicitata de către noi.Băieții amabili și atenți la detalii.Seriozitate.Recomand cu incredere.
Marius GhineaMarius Ghinea
09:06 04 Dec 23
Experienta buna. Proptitudine si seriozitate
Andrei DumitrescuAndrei Dumitrescu
10:15 03 Dec 23
Foarte organizati, prompti si flexibili.
Roxana TolteanuRoxana Tolteanu
07:42 19 Oct 23
Recomand! Felicitari pentru profesionalims, promptitudine si amabilitate!
Simona MihaiSimona Mihai
10:03 17 Oct 23
Foarte prompti, agent foarte bine pregatit si rapid.

Our healthy development is owed to the unwavering upholding of the values we believe in.

  • Professionalism
  • Positive attitude
  • Reliability
  • Involvement

Some Information About AMS Group

A Brief Timeline



Bucharest, Romania

AMS Rent-a-Car was founded

AMS Rent-a-Car is a Romanian company created with quality in mind, offering car rental quality services. Active since 2012, inchiriem masini in Bucuresti, Otopeni sau Cluj and anywhere in the country for periods longer than 10 days. Our services are defined by promptness and special attention to details, such that the process of renting a car with us is as pleasant, comfortable and safe as possible. We offer 24/7 country-wide support and we offer a varied fleet of cars, with over 20 different models of new cars.

AMS Lease was founded

AMS Lease was founded as an extension to AMS Rent-a-Car's services, offering the opportunity for longer-term leases. Our mission was to simplify the process of fleet externalization, such as to minimize the risks and hurdles involved in the financial and operational tasks.



Bucharest, Romania



Bucharest, Romania

AMS Fleet Management was founded

AMS Fleet Management is the newest addition to the AMS Group. Through AMS Fleet Management, we offer fleet management services on a Business-to-Business basis. We currently manage a fleet of over 500 vehicles.

Rebranding AMS Lease

In 2021,, AMS Group chose to redefine and reinforce their brand, better expressing and propagating the values that they wish to apply and propagate.

Brandbook, brand design and image created by Alexandru Neculae.



Bucharest, Romania



Timisoara-Bucuresti, Romania

AMS Group website redesign

In 2021,, AMS Group chose to consolidate their online presence, merging the car rental services AMS Rent a Car with the operational leasing services AMS Lease. As such, the new website offers a fresh experience to new and returning clients, respecting the brand, mission and company values. This website, along with the customized functionalities and bespoke design, have been created by APEX Digital.

Essential Information

Please use the links below to quickly gather information about our services, or about potential questions that you might have.

Some of the automobile brands that we use as part of our car rental or operational leasing packages

We always strive for quality, safety and comfort in order to provide the best car rental and operational leasing services.